Baked Apple Crisps

Anyone else struggling with going back to work and school this week? I personally think I had a bit too much time off… not that it was a bad thing; late nights, lie-ins, and QT with the kids; it’s a life I could easily get used to! But, this here gorgeous bowl of goodness sure helped kickstart my day! Spiced apple and berry topped almond and cashew milk porridge drizzled in maple syrup. Sooo good! Spiced, baked apple crisps are THE best, super simple to make, and a fantastic snack or breakfast topper.


Ingredients (makes around 30):

2 apples (I used cox)
1 tablespooon coconut sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground star anise


– Wash and thinly slice the apples (to around 1/2 cm thick)
– Mix the sugar and anise together
– Place them on a baking tray and throw on the sugar/anise mixture
– Bake at 150 for around 40 mins (check to see how they are doing, after 40 mins they start to get quite dark pretty quickly, so watch out!)
– Enjoy alone or as a topper and store in an airtight container (lasts around a week)


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